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Swedish Angel Chimes

Beware Of Imitation Chimes Made In Asia

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Angel Chimes

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The Authentic Vintage Original Swedish Angel Chimes Factory, and ALL Production Has Been Moved To Turkey Where There Is Less Expensive Labor Costs.

We have been selling the authentic vintage original Swedish Chimes, for 40 plus years, all over the world, and continue to do so.

These chimes, made to the original standards are considerably more expensive then the Asian Copies. Many of these chimes have been handed down in families and brought out and enjoyed every Christmas for 50 years.

We have been the Angel Chimes go to Importers and U.S. Source since 1972.

We are the only Angel Chimes source that tells you what your chimes choices are explain the difference and offer both at reasonable prices with full satisfaction guaranteed on either one.

We Have a good Supply but expect to run out. Please Order Your Chimes Now, $16.95 plus $3.95 boxing and handling charge...No Minimum, FREE Shipping For Any Size Quantity Order Including Refill Candles or other Additions anywhere in the United States. See Candle Information Ordering at our special candle site or scroll down.

To Order chimes, or candles when ready,
Go Here.. Angel Chimes Ordering Page. Scroll down for Pictures of the Swedish
Design Chimes including the new silver finish, nickel anodized, chimes just below.

Further below Chinese dual chimes Information. We bring you the best of these..

We have been selling these Swedish Factory Made chimes for years and you can return any chimes for refund if not satisfied.

Note: For Those Concerned With Price, We Also Stock and Sell Asian Copies, What We Consider the Best Chinese Manufactured Chimes, that comes as a dual set, including a clown and horses for year around birthday party etc use. We do NOT pretend these are "authentic" or original Swedish factory made chimes." and try and sell them to you at a high mark up price,

We offer the Chinese Made Chimes for $5.95 plus $3.95 one time charge in the U.S....Safe Boxing and Handling For Any Quantity Order or Additions Including Extra Candles. See Candle Information Ordering. If price is of concern, you will find these slightly smaller chimes, but remarkable for the price. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Swedish Authentic Chimes Now Made in Turkey, Photos Below. We guarantee satisfaction or money cheerfully refunded.

In six years of shipping these we have only had three returned for refund. Click photos to enlarge full screen.
Angel Chimes
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Angel Chimes Silver
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Chinese Chimes Come As Dual Set

Horses And Clowns Birthday Parties

Angels In One Set, Party Figures Included, For Year Around Use.
Chinese Angel Chimes
Front and Back Of Dual Chimes Box.

Satisfaction Is Guaranteed Or Money Refunded On Both Authentic Swedish Angel Chimes, or The Dual Set Chinese Party Chimes.

Order Instructions:

To order chimes, we recommend using Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards on a secure basis. You can quickly order one or more Sets and Candles, (make great gifts) Either Authentic Swedish Angel Chimes or Chinese dual Set Chimes by simply clicking this Paypal icon. paypal

Credit card orders can now also be done by phone anytime, around the clock. 605-335-4125.

By MAIL- Send check or credit card information name and shipping address to:

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Specify number of Authentic Swedish Chimes at $16.95 (Brass finish shipped unless you specify Silver finish), and/or Dual Set Chinese made Chimes at $5.95 (plus $3.95 Total shipping and handling within U.S., one charge for any size order).

Both chimes come with one set of Candles.

To order extra candles, Add $5.65 per box of 20 Candles.
Best Chinese Manufactured Chimes Offered As Dual Set, For Year Around Use. Expands Value and Fun. $5.95.

From China- Dual Christmas-Party Chimes

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German Manufactured Candles Pictured Are In Stock.
Other sources expected soon.....

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Box of 20 White Dripless Candles. Made in Germany. $5.65 each box. (Order with chimes and pay no extra shipping and handling.) We also have 16 other colors of replacement candles at our site:

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